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There are four different Multi-Max suspensions based on our patented four-axle independent suspension system.


The Multi-Max suspension system can be broken down into three groups: The original 10-ton Multi-Max, the 14-ton Supermax, and two versions of the Mini-Max with 5- & 6-ton GVWR.

There are many advantages of our Multi-Max independent suspensions including the easy do-it-yourself alignment system. This system allows easy alignment adjustment with only a few basic tools and can be performed on site without ever having to take the trailer in for maintenance.

Another advantage of our patented Multi-Max suspension is the durability and strength of the axles themselves. Multi-Max axles are made of one piece solid steel bars with the spindles machined on each end rather than hollow tubes with the spindles welded on each end like other traditional axles.

All versions of the Multi-Max suspensions come equipped with electric brake systems that can easily be adapted to any towing vehicle.

The Multi-Max suspension also offers better performance in off road situations or uneven terrain due to the flexibility of the four-axle independent suspension system, lower deck height, and wider mainframe. These features, along with many others, are what make the Multi-Max the suspension of choice.